Explosive Bounce

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Bounce Modifier Spells
Bubbly Bounce
Concentrated Light Bounce
Remove Bounce
Sparkly Bounce
Vacuum Bounce
Explosive Bounce
Larpa Bounce
Lightning Bounce
Plasma Beam Bounce
Spell modifiers that make projectiles bouncy, sometimes with additional effects.

Explosive Bounce is a projectile modifier that causes projectiles to explode when they bounce. It also grants an extra bounce, so projectiles that do not normally bounce will now do so. The explosion created by this spell deals 37.5 damage and has a radius of 22.


  • The modifier comes with a significant cast delay penalty, so it's recommended to use after a Trigger.
  • Bouncing can be detrimental to certain spells, like Energy Orb, since they will be much harder to detonate where you want them to.