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Magic Missiles are projectile spells that creates a magical missile, firing in a straight line away from the caster, causes an explosion when it hits. It is similar in effect to a rocket launcher in other games. In New Game mode, the second starter wand might have a copy of the base version of this spell.


  • The extra casting delay added from the spell is less of an issue in practice than in theory. The limited uses per spell and high damage encourage a slower, more methodical style.
  • The normal version is a useful spell for the first third or so of the game, and a nice fit for Shuffle wands as they do a good job even without modifiers. It's superior to bombs in that you can more precisely control where the explosion happens.
  • The Large and Giant versions strikes a decent balance between explosive force and charge limit, making shuffler wands more valuable in the mid to late-game. If you have a decent main damage wand already then it's hard to go wrong with having some reliable no-nonsense explosive power as a backup.
  • The Unlimited Spells perk is particularly useful to have, as it will remove the charge limit and allow you to cast the Large and Giant Magic Missiles as many times as you like. Just be careful not to blow yourself up!
  • The perk Projectile Repulsion Field affects your own magic missiles when shooting, causing an artificial spread which cannot be reduced.

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