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5 wand glitch redirects here. For the related inventory overflow glitch, see Glitch: Infinite wands and spells

Wand Smuggling, also referred to as the 5 wand carry glitch, is a glitch in the game's code that enables an exploit: You can carry an extra wand temporarily, although you cannot fire any wand whilst doing so. Most commonly, this enables smuggling an extra wand into the Holy Mountain for tinkering with.


  • If you press "3"(Any number) and "e" [interact key] at the exact same time, and then "3" again (or click the 3rd wand in the pickup-menu), then you will glitch-carry an extra wand. (The first part can also be accomplished by binding both "select item in slot 3" and "interact" to the same key.)
  • 2 temporary visual glitches will appear: in your hands, and at the origin location. This indicates success!
  • You can drop the wand at any time with 1-4 keys or "e".

Note: Enemies can effectively 'steal' the 5th wand from out of your hands, if they can touch it. This can be very dangerous.

Many regular players, but not all, consider this an acceptable exploit in normal play or live-streams, including in record speedruns.


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