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List of subjective improvements to game options.

Steam Cloud

General > Online

Turn this off. Cloud save will make closing/reloading your game take a long time (depending on how much of the world you've explored), because the save folder contains thousands of small files which Steam can't deal with efficiently.

  • Steam Cloud: Off

Controls and Key bindings

Settings > Input > Configure controls


It's not uncommon to see new players accidentally throw their water flask. This is because the default "throw" key binding is MOUSE RIGHT. The "throw" key binding does throw objects but it does not work the way new players often think it does. Items like tablets and broken wands do not need the "throw" key binding, because the throw action can also be done with "use wand". Objects and flask can also be thrown from the inventory screen by using drag and drop. Since "use wand" pours a flask instead of throwing it, flasks are the only thing that benefits from the "throw" key binding.

Many players will not need the throw key binding, so it can be demoted to a more obscure key. Example: map "throw" to G.

Picking up items

A much more important key to map to right click would be "interact". The default key binding is awkward when moving to the right (pressing d and e). This also makes tablet throwing more enjoyable: pickup tablet with right click ("interact"), throw with left click ("use wand"). Using right click for picking up items can also be helpful in tricky situations like picking up a wand that's barely submerged in Teleportatium.


The default kick key is awkward when moving to the right (pressing d and f). I'd recommend moving the kick key to something that can be pressed at the same time as any combination of movement keys. Example: map kick to w.

Potion slots

Potion slots can be mapped to easy-to-press keys like Q, E, R, and F. It's great to get these setup early so you can be super fast at hotkeying to the correct slot. For example, quickly switching to your water flask to remove fire and toxic effects.


Input > Mouse

  • Click on icon switches item: Off - Can lead to switching wands and items unintentionally
  • Show hovered material/item name next to mouse: On - Not that intrusive and kind of handy.
  • Allow firing of wands while inventory is open: On - Enables faster defense whilst you're editing wands.

Replay Recorder

General > Replay Recorder

Replay recorder has multiple uses. It can be used to save your best (and worst) gameplay. It can also help better understand what happened. For example, an enemy appeared for a split second but you didn't catch which mage type they were.

  • Replay recorder: On
  • Replay budget: set to max (it only uses 500mb memory so most people should be able to do the max)

Recordings are stored in:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\LocalLow\Nolla_Games_Noita\save_rec\screenshots_animated
  • Linux: (or similar) .steam/debian-installation/steamapps/compatdata/881100/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/Nolla_Games_Noita/save_rec/screenshots_animated

Screen shake

Graphics > Accessibility

  • Screen Shake Intensity: set lower or lowest


Use the gamemoderun %command% launch-setting. It can help a lot with performance. Screenshot and guide.

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