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This quest is endgame content. It is highly recommended, if not necessary, to have wands for fast travel, healing, and digging. Having many protective perks will make this quest significantly safer as the suns deal massive damage. You can accomplish this easily via "breaking the reroll machines" for 15 stacks of Stainless Armour paired with Repelling Cape and Gas Blood to keep you free of stains.

Basic Introduction

High in the sky in The Work (Sky) and deep below the earth in The Work (Hell) are moons (the Moon and the Dark Moon, respectively). You can locate them using the Moon Radar perk. This quest involves creating suns at each moon. There are two types of suns - the "normal" Sun and the Dark Sun.

How to make a sun

The detection radius for the Sun Stone to register compatible explosions for evolution.
  1. Collect a Sun Seed (dropped from the Ghost miniboss - parallel worlds can be used to get another seed if required)
  2. Place the Sun Seed at the top of the pyramid. It will evolve into a Sun Stone. It is recommended to fill the top of the pyramid with liquid that wont evaporate as the evolution causes an explosion which typically sends the Sun Stone flying. The Sun Stone can be picked up allowing you to create a Sun at a more convenient location. Note that the Sun Stone inflicts curse damage when near.
  3. Cast/trigger any of: Sea of Lava, Summon Sädekivi, Giga Nuke or six of any of the spells listed under near the Sun Stone (see image at right/above illustrating the detection radius of the Sun Stone). This will turn the stone into a small Sun.
  1. Caution is advised if using Summon Sädekivi, as the beam can destroy the Sun Stone. To be safe, trigger the Sädekivi above or a short distance to the side of the Sun Stone to avoid catching it directly in the beam.
  2. Allow the Sun to kill 100 creatures. You can use Summon Egg to spawn entities.
  3. Toss the 4 elemental stones (Ukkoskivi, Kiuaskivi, Vuoksikivi, Tannerkivi) into the Sun to complete it.
    • Throwing in a Kakkakikkare before throwing the last of the 4 elemental will corrupt the process, creating a Dark sun when you throw in the last elemental stone.

Associated achievements and cosmetics

The following are required for the related Achievement Pillars and the crown cosmetic:

  • Create the Sun
  • Create the Dark Sun
  • Kill Kolmisilmä with a sun (It is advised to collect a few orbs so the boss has enough health to survive the trip)
  • Supernova - Collide a Dark Sun and a Sun (they can be more easily moved with either a Kuu or Kuulokivi)
  • Create a sun at both moons, with the second moon created being a normal Sun
  • Create a sun at both moons, with the second moon created being a Dark Sun

Note: The minimum requirements to receive the Crown cosmetic is to create the Sun at the Moon, and the Dark Sun at the Dark Moon. After the suns are created, the Crown will appear on subsequent runs. If you move a sun away from its moon, nothing happens to your crown. No in-game action removes it after you have it.

Guide to getting all the Sun pillar achievements in one run


  • First run: Make a New Sun at Both Moons
  • NG+: Make a Dark Sun at Dark Moon (This completes the Sun Quest, and leaves both suns at their respective moons)
  • Colliding the suns and killing the boss with it can be done at any stage of this quest

In Detail Explanation:

  • Break the reroll machines to get perks
    • Perk Lottery x 4
    • Extra Perk x 3
    • Gas Blood - Prevents staining from the Sun damaging you. Make sure not to grab Slime Blood or Oil Blood after taking this as it will override the type of blood generated.
    • Stainless Armor x 15
    • Repelling Cape x 2 (note that taking more stacks may cause undesirable staining behavior)
    • Saving Grace
  • Kill the ghost miniboss for a Sun Seed
  • Place the Sun Seed on the top of the pyramid to create the Sun Stone
  • Take the Sun Stone to the center of the moon.
  • Summon bombs (Divide by 10 + Bomb) on it to evolve it into a Sun Egg
  • Summon eggs (Divide by 10 + Summon Egg) at the Sun Egg to make a Star Child
  • Collect 4 essences and use the essence eater to get the elemental stones
    • Alternatively, the fire stone and thunder stone are naturally generated around the world. Pedestals frequently spawn in the fungal caverns
  • Throw the elemental stones into the star child to make a new sun, or go inside it and it will grab them from your inventory.
  • Repeat the above steps to make another sun at the Dark Moon
    • Alternatively, drag the sun you made at the moon all the way down to the Dark Moon. A Kuu or Kuulokivi can be used to pull the sun out of the gravitational pull of the moon.
  • Start the fight with Kolmisilmä and kill it with a sun. The boss follows you no matter how far you travel and through all terrain
    • Take the portal that spawns on its corpse to get a the Benign Sunshine achievement then exit the room
  • Get another Sun Seed from a parallel world
  • Go to NG+
  • Make a Dark Sun at the Dark Moon
  • Use a Kuu or Stone of Hearing to drag the New Sun and Dark Sun together to cause a supernova

You'll want to make frequent backups throughout this process. Sun Seeds are not obtainable in NG+. Furthermore, items sporadically disappear off screen when they clip into the ground and when the game crashes.

Explanation of why only a Dark Sun has to be created if you opt to NG+

When the first sun is created at a moon in a run, this information is recorded and remains recorded throughout the entire run even in NG+ iterations. Therefore, you can create a sun at the other moon then enter NG+ and create only a Dark Sun at the Dark Moon rather than having to make an extra sun and then a Dark Sun. If instead you started a new run, this information is lost. You would have to make two suns.


  • There is no Ghost miniboss in NG+, so Auringonsiemen must be carried into NG+ by you
  • Only one Sun Seed and one Sun Stone can be brought over to NG+ (due to a bug) so it is advisable to bring one of each in case mistakes are made. See the note at the end
  • There is only one Essence of Fire, so additional Kiuaskivi must be found
  • Essence Eaters are limited - There are six (two in the main world, two each in the first parallel worlds in each direction) in NG and only two (in the main world) in NG+
  • A moon can only "react" to one Sun per NG cycle. Further actions in that NG+ iteration will not have an effect; enter another iteration if required

Important note: Entering NG+ will delete extra sun seeds and sun stones due to a bug. There is a mod on steam workshop that fixes this.

Additional Notes

  • The supernova (colliding the Sun and Dark Sun) will transform many materials. This persists through NG+
  • The Sun will persist if it was created at the Moon and the Dark Sun will persist if it was created at the Dark Moon otherwise it will disappear upon starting a new game/NG+ iteration.
  • A sun may be reverted to a moon by creating or moving the opposite sun to that moon.
  • The sun egg (the stage after bombing it but before having sacrificed 100 creatures) disintegrates over time, albeit very slowly. Feed it 100 kills to stabilize it.