Celestial Scale

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The Celestial Scale is found in the Desert, to the east of the Pyramid.

Initially the scales are empty. Completing certain achievements will add objects to the scales, which will bring them into balance, and unlock a spell.

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The Celestial scale with both Sun gems and the Omega Black Hole spell resting on the balance point.

After completing parts of the Uusi Aurinko quest (making the New Sun and Dark Sun) the Sunrock and DarkSunRock gems will appear on the Scale, this will happen upon starting a new run. The gems will appear in all subsequent runs.

Once both are present, the Omega Black Hole spell will appear on the balance-point between them.

You can bring the gems to the Mountain Altar to spawn a new sun of that type, and obtain two Achievement Pillars pieces. Bringing them to the Mountain Altar in Parallel Worlds will also spawn the sun and grant Achievement Pillars pieces.


  • Once picked up, in subsequent runs the spell on top of the scale will not appear again.
  • If the cursor is hovered above a gem, the material displayed will simply be "gem".
  • The two gems are very light, making it easy for them to fly off if moved.