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One of the possible endings in Noita is the 34 Orb ending, where you collect the Sampo and 34 (or more) Orbs and turn them in at the Sky Altar on the Floating Island above the Mountain.
This ending is identical to, and counts as a Peaceful Ending, except that the player receives immunity to all forms of damage and polymorphine upon completing this ending.
Additionally, the player is rewarded with a permanent ruby amulet cosmetic item, as opposed to a bland golden necklace.

How Orbs work

In the game files there are 13 unique Orb entities, 12 of which are currently obtainable without modifying the game. Each of these entities has an associated ID. Picking up another Orb with the same ID does not increment the Orb counter and normally it is not possible anyway.

When the player is outside the bounds of the main world (X-17920,Y-7166 to X+17920,Y+17408), the Orbs will then convert to their West or East variants based on if their X position is less or greater than 0. The 12 Orbs have ID numbers ranging from 0 to 11 while in the main world, the West variants increment this ID by 128 (for Orbs 128 to 139), and the East variants increment it by 256 (for Orbs 256 to 267). This gives the player a maximum of 36 Orbs to collect.


The 34th orb (12th main world Orb) is only obtainable from a Great Treasure Chest (GTC), there is a 1/100 000 chance for a GTC to spawn a Sampo, which then has a 1/1 000 chance to be replaced by an Orb (1/100 million chance). A reliable way to obtain GTC is to cast The End of Everything spell, since when it ends it spawns a Great Treasure Chest relative to the player's position.

Due to how unrealistic it would be to obtain one by chance the community has reverse engineered the randomness behind chests and created tools to find the desired loot. [OrbAtlas 1]

These work by having the user input the seed number, NG+ level, and the tool will calculate where the player has to stand such that the GTC will contain whatever the player wants to get. These tools have also been used to find seeds which contain a GTC with an Orb (currently for NG only), bypassing the need for EOE RNG manipulation when playing on a set seed.

Checking the player coordinates

  • Open player.xml file, which is located in:
    • Windows: C:/users/[windows_username]/AppData/LocalLow/Nolla_Games_Noita/save00/
    • Linux: ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/881100/pfx/drive_c/users/[windows_username]/AppData/LocalLow/Nolla_Games_Noita/save00/
  • Near the top, in the <_Transform> element's attributes you can find position.x and position.y.
    • These coordinates are updated when the player uses 'Save & Quit' or the faster option 'Menu' -> 'Mods' -> 'Restart with enabled mods active', which works even if no mods are enabled.

Alternatively you can use mods that will show you your position in game

New Game

The normal world spawns with 11 Orbs. One of the Orbs is located in the Lava Lake which does not appear in Parallel Worlds, so only 31 Orbs are spawned in the NG world (as opposed to 33 when in NG+).
Because of this additional steps are required to reach 34 orbs, there are 2 methods to do so:

  1. Get the 31 Orbs normally, and 3 secret Orbs from GTC
  2. Duplicate missing Parallel World Orbs (which also allows for getting 36 Orbs in NG), and get a secret Orb from GTC

New Game has known seeds with natural Orb spawns in Mines, which bypass the need to use EOE if the player is willing to duplicate orbs (seeds by pudy248):

  • 124196113, NG, Mines (1895, 897)
  • 151585999, NG, Mines (1295, 177)
  • 15603826, NG, W1 Mines (36745, 307)
  • 65919334, NG, W1 Mines (-35375, 507)
  • 87738143, NG, E1 Mines (36745, 827)
  • 103178480, NG, E1 Mines (36955, 117)
  • 142278984, NG, W1 Mines (-34581, 951)
  • 145395015, NG, W1 Mines (-35361, 691)

Explained in more detail in Obtaining Orb copies through Entity Duplication, one of these naturally generated chests, or one spawned by The End of Everything using the same methods as in NG+, can be duplicated to obtain 34 orbs. Entity duplication is in general considerably easier than aligning yourself for the End of Everything.

Without abusing entity duplication, 36 Orbs can only be obtained in NG+. 34 can be obtained by casting EOE thrice, once per Parallel World direction, in order to avoid using glitches.

New Game Plus

In New Game Plus there are 33 normally spawning orbs. Follow Advanced Guide: Peaceful Ending to collect all of them
The GTC Orb can be acquired whenever the player feels ready.

Obtaining the GTC Orb


Trial and error method

In this method, the idea is the approximate the X and Y position on screen, and attempting to get stuck mid-levitation in the correct position. It usually takes multiple EOE casts and multiple attempts during those casts to get the position right.

  1. Align your X coordinate to be correct, save restart the game to confirm your position
  2. Fly up near the correct Y coordinate, create a platform to stand on, save restart to see approximately if you need to move down or up from there
  3. Cast the EOE, when it is cast it erases all the terrain near the player
    • this cannot be avoided, even if using triggers, EOE will go off at the players position immediately when the wand is cast, not when the trigger goes off
  4. Try to get the correct Y position through approximation, rapid fire cast a large amount of Summon Platform/Wall to get yourself stuck in midair and save restart to confirm Y position
    • if the position is incorrect wait for the platforms to decay and try again
    • if the position is correct pay attention that when loading up the game your Y position has not shifted during the loading
  5. Keep rapid firing platforms to keep yourself sealed in until the EOE is over, the Platforms/Walls can additionally act as shields from flasks which fall during the spell.

Slow but steady method

Additional requirements:

  • Infinite lifetime platform/wall wand build
Wand 0821.png
Warp Cast
Invisible Spell
Quadruple Spell
Divide By 2
Add Trigger
Chain Spell
Add Trigger
Reduce Lifetime
Reduce Lifetime
Add Trigger
Orbiting Arc
Blood Magic
Summon Platform

In this method, the idea is to build a perfect platform in advance, utilizing the fact that there is no reason to actually cast the EOE near where the chest needs to spawn, so the platform will not get erased. A lot more relaxed and it should only ever take a single attempt to get an Orb.

  1. Use the infinite lifetime platform/wall wand to build a platform at the correct coordinates
  2. Use Luminous Drill to carve a corner, which when you walk into, you are in the correct X and Y position
  3. Encase yourself in platforms/walls and save restart to confirm your position
  4. Travel roughly 2 chunks away (1024px or ~3 player camera viewport widths)
  5. Cast the EOE away from the platform
  6. After the digging effect has ended (takes a few seconds), fly back to the platform you previously prepared
  7. Rapid fire encase yourself in platforms in the corner, this is to prevent flasks from nudging you around
    • No restarts should be required during the EOE as it was determined beforehand that the coordinate should always be correct

Obtaining Orb copies through Entity Duplication

As explained in the How Orbs work section, there are only 12 unique obtainable Orb entities. It is possible to duplicate one of these entities and then bringing it to another world, after unloading and then reloading the chunk, the entity will check what ID it is supposed to have based on its base ID and coordinates, resulting in the Orb converting to the variant of another world.

Utilizing this glitch, it is possible to obtain 36 Orbs in New Game, by creating copies of the Lava Lake Orb and bringing them to the Parallel Worlds. Moving Orbs requires either Never Skip Leg Day perk (2 of them is optimal), or a high speed Tentacle which can move entities with enough speed. It is of course also possible to only obtain a single Orb Great Treasure Chest Orb, and duplicate that for the additional ones.

Due to the way the Orbs were programmed, it is possible to convert main world Orbs to Parallel World variants by bringing them to The Work (Hell), as this is considered outside the main world bounds. It is also possible to pick up multiple Orbs with the same ID unless the chunk is unloaded in between picking up the Orb, this, however, does not increment the Orb count.

Dying after gaining immortality

Upon world restoration the character's health is displayed as ∞/∞ and they gain pernament Effect protection all.png Protection All and Effect protection polymorph.png Polymorph Immunity statuses. This is a kind of immortality, but it is still possible to die, by getting the Effect vulnerable.png Vulnerable or Effect vulnerable.png Weakened status effect (from Master of Vulnerability or Master of Masters), allowing you to be polymorphed, which then allows you to take damage normally.


  1. GTC#Loot_Searchers list of all the tools for GTC.
  2. Noita Orb Atlas kaliuresis' Noita Orb Atlas, which can be used to find GTC Orb and Sampo coordinates.