The Gold

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A screenshot of the room in question.

The Gold are 2 large biomes filled with gold powder you can literally swim in, each with approximately 256,000 Gold nugget.png.

The first can be found above the Essence of Earth, which is at the east wall past the Desert.

The second can also be found below the Essence of Spirits, which in turn is below the West Lake.

Be prepared with a few Black Holes, as these rooms are entirely covered by Extremely Dense Rock.

A simple map showing the second and first The Gold, and their surroundings.


  • You can drown in the gold, so be sure to either levitate upwards to breathe, or have the Breathless perk.
  • It is definitely worth visiting early in the game if you want extreme spending privileges.

Tanna Silmä Method

A visual guide to the Tanna Silmä method, Note that "West" and "East" do not refer to Parallel Worlds.

A method of getting to the first The Gold before one even goes into the first level, known as the Tanna Silmä Method, is as follows:

  1. Go to the far right, collect the Essence of Earth, which will require the use of the starting bomb wand, and kill the Essence Eater, obtaining a Tannerkivi
  2. Go back to the left, and scale the giant tree. The Tannerkivi will make the side of the tree more coarse and therefore climbable without any other tool required, though the Wiggling Eggs found in the nests in the tree will break open and hatch when they come within the radius of you if you are holding the Tannerkivi, so be careful.
  3. After scaling the giant tree, venture left until you find the Paha Silmä in the Snowy Wasteland, and pick it up.
  4. Venture back to the far right (this process is vastly improved with some Acceleratium), fly up from the platform that you obtained the Essence of Earth from, equip the Tannerkivi, and fly up to the Extremely Dense Rock.
  5. The Tannerkivi will turn this to Soil, and you can drill through Soil effectively with the Paha Silmä. Carve out a platform in the area above the platform, land on it, and begin drilling north-west, by equipping the Tannerkivi, moving up and down the dug tunnel a bit, and carving out a path with the Paha Silmä.
  6. If you go directly north-west from the ceiling of Extremely Dense Rock above the Essence of Earth's cage, you will intersect with The Gold, and all of the gold needed for much of the game can be obtained without killing a single enemy.
  7. Be cautious of
    • turning too much of The Gold's Gold into Soil,
    • of kicking which has a good chance of killing you due to the earthquakes made by the Tannerkivi,
    • and of tossing the Paha Silmä, which has a high chance of killing you if thrown in an enclosed space, such as the tunnel dug to The Gold.