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This is a list of interviews and videos with the Nolla developers.




There are videos about the "Making of" the soundtrack, as well as details and videos for the soundtrack itself, at the Noita Official Soundtrack page.


Questions for Creators with Arvi - Noita Summit April 2021
Noita - Full Gameplay Showcase E3 2018
Exploring the Tech and Design of Noita - 2019
Nolla Games: Making of Noita – The Pixel-Based Physics Roguelite - Games Now! lecture series - 2019
Noita Gameplay - Explaining what every pixel is simulated means - 2019
Fantastic Arcade 2018: Holedown and Noita
Arvi Teikari - Why Noita Became a Roguelite (and Why I Liked That a Lot) - 2021
GN! Recap: Arvi Teikari - Spellcrafting in Noita - 2020
Noidan tekijähaastattelu: Arvi Teikari, Olli Harjola ja Antti Tiihonen - 2021 - NOTE: Partial translation available

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