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Potions are flasks of material which can be obtained throughout your journey in Noita. When starting a new game you will start with a potion pulled from the starting potion table.

Alchemy will not take place within the potion. For example, water will not harden lava and will not purify toxic sludge until the respective materials are removed from the potion. This can be used to create utility potions that have a desired effect when thrown. For example, a flask that is 50% water (or blood) and 50% lava can be thrown to create an impromptu rock wall at the impact location for protection or aiding escape.


  1. Holding a potion will display a capacity bar where the mana would normally be, indicating how much is left in the potion. The aiming-reticle will also display a "throwing-arc" in front of you indicating where the potion will end up if thrown.
  2. A potion will fill when (if possible) any liquids and the neck of the potion make contact with each other. When collecting liquid from shallow pools, aiming the cursor directly downwards gives the best opportunity to collect the liquid, short of tossing the potion bottle gently into the pool.
    • It is possible to fill a potion bottle whilst standing below a liquid, if the barrier is thin enough, by holding the bottle 'upwards' and getting as close to the liquid as possible. This makes it slightly easier to collect liquids like Teleportatium.
  3. Potions can be sprayed with the Spray From Potion action (mouse Left button or 360 RT button by default).
    • Spraying empties the potion's contents towards the cursor, eventually producing an Empty Potion. Spraying a potion that is at 200% capacity will shoot out much further and faster, decreasing at 100%, 90% and 80%. It will make the sound of releasing pressure at a pitch relative to how full the potion is, with the lowest pitch at 1%. If a potion has more than one material in it, for example acid and water, half of the spray will be acid and half water.
  4. Potions can be thrown with the Throw action (mouse Right button or 360 Y button by default).
    • A potion can be easily and safely dropped by opening the inventory, dragging the desired potion very near to you, and releasing it. Dropped potions might still roll down slopes and break.
    • Throwing or dropping a potion turns it into a grenade-like projectile, which will usually cause it to shatter. The further the mouse cursor is from you, the greater the force of the throw. If dropped gently enough close to the ground or thrown into a body of liquid, the potion can travel slowly enough to avoid being broken when it touches the ground again. A red “X” will appear at the end of the “throwing-arc” to indicate the flask will definitely break. Flasks can still sometimes break within the indicated safe-zone.
  5. Right-clicking on the potion within the inventory toolbar will drink it. 10% of each material in the potion is always drunk when consumed in this way, so a potion containing water and blood drunk this way will have 10% each of the water and blood removed.
    • Drinking a potion has various different effects and fills your stomach based on the potion and will consume 10% if available. Drinking it at lower than 10% will reduce the effects accordingly.


  • From item pedestals or chests in most biomes.
  • The Mines will sometimes spawn with a room containing a lava pit and multiple shelves of potions, which is often populated by an Alkemisti, Stendari, or Ukko.
  • The Hiisi Base sometimes contains one or more rooms resembling a bar, with mainly Whiskey potions, but sometimes one or two other potions.
  • Potions that claim to contain 200% only come from an Alchemist or Fire Hiisi who throw potions at you as their primary mode of attack. These special flasks can only contain half (500) the regular capacity capacity of a flask (1000) but initially contain 1000 of fluid, hence measured as 200%. They can be acquired by grabbing them in mid-air or picked up if they are slowed by falling through liquid that slowed them enough to prevent them shattering. They can only be refilled once they drop below 100%, and only back up to 100%.


  • Projectiles and explosions may puncture holes in potions laying around in the world, causing the liquid to leak out in a spray. Enough damage may cause the potion to shatter. Potions that have been damaged but not shattered will be fixed and returned to their normal state if you pick it up.
  • If a flask is thrown too fast or is damaged too much, it shatters. Shattered potions can not be picked, unlike damaged potions. Upon shattering, a potion will release 20% of its remaining contents. The shattered potion flask will become a useless piece of glass.


  • A thin layer of fluid can be picked up with some difficulty by safely dropping the potion on it. You may have to pickup and drop the potion multiple times to collect it.
  • Although potions can hold an indefinite number of liquids, the potion tooltip will only show the three most numerous materials at a time.
  • If a fluid is on top of a thin enough floor, you can collect it even from below the floor. This can be used to safely suck up hard to collect fluids such as lava or teleportatium.
  • Drinking causes the ingestion effect of the liquid to remain active for a set duration (based on how much has been consumed) regardless of your stains, perks or movement. However, drinking will use up the substance permanently whereas liquid on the ground can be picked up again. Some liquids (notably Invisiblium and Ambrosia) do not have the same effect when consumed as when stained, and may even poison you.
  • Spraying upwards with most liquids while flying allows you to fly further.
  • Reactions like water reacting with lava to produce rock and steam only happen when the spray from the potion collides with something else in the world.
  • Because a potion sprays materials out equally regardless of the actual ratio of the contained materials, this can allow you to somewhat filter out unwanted material.
  • You can create (with some difficulty) very strong throwable weapons if you mix certain reagents in a flask. For example, lava and toxic sludge will create a large amount of Toxic Rock when thrown at an enemy, potentially surrounding them with the toxic material.
  • Naturally spawned random material potions are the only way to Fungal Reality Shift many powders which do not appear in the shift material table.

Potion Generation

Starter Potions

The potion generated for you at the start of a run uses the Starter Pool.

Regular Potions

When potion.lua (a regular potion) is asked for, it generates a potion according to the below table.

Chance Category Potion Type
75% Magic Material
25% A random Normal Material potion.


Normal Chests

Regular Treasure Chests have a 10% chance to contain a potion, which can be any of the following types.

Chance Potion Type
98% A Regular Potion
1.96% A Secret Material Potion
0.04% A Random Material Potion

Great Treasure Chests

Great Treasure Chests have a 30% chance to give potions. They will either roll a regular potion twice and secret potion once (30%), or secret twice and random material once (70%).


71.4% of item pedestals have a regular potion on them.

Hiisi Alchemists

All potions thrown by Alkemisti pull from the Aggressive pool with equal probability.

Fire Hiisi

All potions thrown by the Tulihiisi are Cocktails at 200%.

Material Pools

Potions may be generated with different contents depending on where and how they are obtained. The below lists document the chances for each individual type of potion to be spawned.


This pool is used to generate the starting potion at the beginning of a run. It rolls randomly for first the category, and then the potion type produced. Bold probabilities list the chance per roll, and the final italic probability measures the overall chance for that outcome compared to all others in this pool.

Chance Category Potion Type
65% A form of water
5% Materialpotion blood.png Blood
29% Various Potions
1% Rare Potions Either one of:
  • (0.00001%) Materialpotion gold.png Gold (1/10,000,000)
  • (0.00001%) Materialpotion urine.png Urine (1/10,000,000)

or, if neither of those rolls succeed, one of:

Normal Material

Normal material potions can select any of these results with equal probability:

Potion Type
Materialpotion acid.png Acid Materialpotion blood.png Blood Materialpotion liquid fire.png Fire
Materialpotion blood cold.png Freezing Liquid Materialpotion gunpowder unstable.png Gunpowder Materialpotion lava.png Lava
Materialpotion oil.png Oil Materialpotion radioactive liquid.png Toxic Sludge Materialpotion slime.png Slime
Materialpotion water.png Water Materialpotion alcohol.png Whiskey

Magical Material

This table includes all of the magical liquid materials.

Potion Type
Materialpotion magic liquid movement faster.png Acceleratium Materialpotion magic liquid protection all.png Ambrosia Materialpotion magic liquid berserk.png Berserkium
Materialpotion magic liquid random polymorph.png Chaotic Polymorphine Materialpotion magic liquid mana regeneration.png Concentrated Mana Materialpotion material confusion.png Flummoxium
Materialpotion magic liquid invisibility.png Invisiblium Materialpotion magic liquid faster levitation.png Levitatium Materialpotion magic liquid charm.png Pheromone
Materialpotion magic liquid polymorph.png Polymorphine Materialpotion magic liquid unstable teleportation.png Unstable Teleportatium Materialpotion magic liquid worm attractor.png Worm Pheromone

On top of the lists above a regular potion can spawn as Sima (20% chance), Juhannussima (9% chance) or be changed to Pheromone (8% chance) due to Holiday events.

Secret Material

This selection mainly includes unusual and rarely-found materials along with a couple slightly more common materials, randomly selecting one of:

Potion Type
Materialpotion cement.png Cement Materialpotion bush seed.png Evergreen Seed
Materialpotion mushroom seed.png Fungal Spore Materialpotion glowshroom.png Glowing Fungal Spore
Materialpotion gold.png Gold Materialpotion plant seed.png Plant Seed
Materialpotion purifying powder.png Purifying Powder Materialpotion salt.png Salt
Materialpotion snow.png Snow Materialpotion sodium.png Sodium
Materialpotion magic liquid hp regeneration unstable.png Lively Concoction Materialpotion urine.png Urine
Materialpotion blood worm.png Worm Blood


This material pool will randomly select one of the following options with equal probability.

Potion Type
Materialpotion magic liquid berserk.png Berserkium
Materialpotion magic liquid charm.png Pheromone
Materialpotion magic liquid teleportation.png Teleportatium
A random potion from the Normal Material pool.

Random Material

51/101 (50.5%) chance for a random liquid material and 50/101 (49.5%) chance for a random powder material from the following pools. This includes many hazardous materials rarely seen in the game. (Ex.Creepy Liquid or Monstrous Powder)

Sands Liquids


Mud Water
Blue Sand Chilly Water
Bone Dust Swamp
Soil Oil
Sandstone Whiskey
Honey Sima
Glue Juhannussima
Dirt Gate-Opener
Snow Flummoxium
Rotten Meat Ominous Liquid
Slimy Meat Rainbow
Toxic Meat Acceleratium
Ice Levitatium
Herb Hastium
Wax Worm Pheromone
Gold Ambrosia
Silver Concentrated Mana
Copper Unstable Teleportatium
Brass Teleportatium
Diamond Healthium
Coal Lively Concoction
Sulphur Polymorphine
Salt Chaotic Polymorphine
Wet Sodium Unstable Polymorphine
Gunpowder Berserkium
Monstrous Powder Pheromone
Ratty Powder Invisiblium
Fungal Soil Toxic Mist
Guiding Powder Blood Mist
Slimy Meat Slime Mist
Plastic Swamp
Grass Blood
Ice Fungus Blood
Weird Fungus Worm Blood
Seed (Material) Hearty Porridge
Moss Freezing Liquid
Plant Material Toxic Sludge
Seed (Material) Molten Gold
Plant Seed Molten Wax
Fungal Spore Molten Silver
Glowing Fungal Spore Molten Copper
Evergreen Seed Molten Brass
Excrement Molten Glass
Glass Molten Metal
Rusty Moss Creepy Liquid
Fungus Cement
Mystery Fungus Slime
Burning Powder Slush
Purifying Powder Vomit
Sodium Molten Plastic
Metal Dust Acid
Steel Lava
Toxic Gold Urine
Hell Slime Smoke
Barren Soil Peat
Sand Molten Aluminium
Volcanic Sand Molten Steel
Greed-Cursed Liquid
Draught of Midas
Alchemic Precursor
Liquid Fire
Magical Liquid
Void Liquid
Pea Soup


  • Urine spawns in a jar instead of a potion. Jars are identical to potions except in name and appearance. This is a reference to Jarate from Team Fortress 2, which is also urine in a jar.
  • Starting from 100%, it takes 17 seconds to empty a potion, and from 0% takes 5 seconds to fill (if fully submerged for the full 5 seconds).
  • Prior to the 1.0 Official Release, potions were referred to as flasks.

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  • Oct 11 2019:
    • Added a rare chance for a regular potion to contain Purifying Powder.
    • Added a chance for secret potions to contain Purifying Powder.


  1. The check for if a flask is Healthium/Purifying powder does not run from 1 to 100, but 0, and it checks if the number is less than 75, meaning the odds are 76/101, not 75/100 as zero is a possible outcome. And although purifying powder cannot spawn if healthium is picked first, that doesn't happen 99.96% of the time [(100 - (51/100,000 * 100))] and the check for purifying powder runs from 200 to 100,000, checking for anything less than 250, meaning 200 numbers are not generated and it is essentially 51/99,800, making its appearance rate very very very slightly higher.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Two possible swamp potions can be given: swamp and water_swamp. One spray is opaque brown and one spray is transparent light green, the former is a darker shade on the hud as well.