Prop Fungus

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Prop Fungus (called Fungus in game) is a material used to define various fungal growth props.

The only exception is the green variant used for the Acid Fungus props.


The Forest where you start out features brown, salmon and sky-blue mushrooms on the surface and in caves. Smaller mushrooms also appear in the Mines. These are background elements and only become interactive if dislodged by damage. Eating them will inflict Effect food poisoning.png Food Poisoning instead of Tripping; however, they may be "ground up" into Fungus Blood in much the same fashion as worm corpses.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
100 Corrupted Rock + Fungus Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Fungus Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Fungus Gold + Gold
100 Void Liquid + Fungus Void Liquid + Void Liquid
10 Fungus + Brass Funky Cloud + Funky Cloud
60 Diminution + Fungus Diminution + Sand
40 Pus + Fungus Weird Fungus + Weird Fungus


Brown mushroom patch in the Mines that become the prop variant of Fungus when uprooted.
Blue and red mushroom in the Forest biome on the surface that become the prop variant of Fungus when uprooted.