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Mod page description

Welcome to the Spellbound Bundle, this mod adds a ton of brand new spells, as well as adding unused spells back into the game, aside from this it also adds a modifier version of a lot of spells so you can create even more synergy wands!

We hope you have fun with this mod, even more expansion is planned for the future! Thanks for checking our mod out! <3

This mod is a spell pack more than anything, at some point we might start adding perks and other new game mechanics but for now all it adds is a ton of spells.

Currently this mod adds:

  • A menu to enable and disable spells
  • 39 Modifiers
  • 16 Projectiles
  • 2 Static Projectiles

Credits to Goki (Goki's Things) for some of the spells, make sure to disable them if you also run goki's things. Credits to Copi for a bunch of the spell icons.

List of spells and descriptions:

Spell List

Projectile Spells

Screeching Skull
Screeching Skull
Find new friends, meet new creatures, little one.
Handful of Caltrops
Handful of Caltrops
Throws a handful of caltrops, they can also damage the thrower
Ascendant Fireball
Ascendant Fireball
The Gods have angered you.