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What is Archipelago?

Archipelago is a cross-game modification system which randomizes different games, then uses the result to build a single unified multi-player game. Items from one game may be present in another, and you will need your fellow players to find items you need in their games to help you complete your own.

For example, with a purchase at a Holy Mountain shop, you can unlock another player's Terran Marine (Starcraft 2), Kokiri Sword (Ocarina of Time), Morph Ball (Super Metroid), Enchanting Table (Minecraft), and more. Other players can send you your Fire Immunity perk (and other items) by completing a research (Factorio), opening a chest in the City of Tears (Hollow Knight), or beating a unique enemy in Slay the Spire.

Setting Up

See Noita Setup Guide.

The TL;DR on YAML Files

  1. For each of the games/slots that you want to join together in Archipelago,
    1. Go to the game's settings page on the website.
    2. Fill in the player name and configure it to your liking.
    3. Click Export Settings to download.
    4. Repeat for every slot.
  2. Zip all the YAMLs into a single ZIP file.
  3. Upload the ZIP file to Archipelago: Generate Game.
  4. Click Create New Room.

Then you can simply connect with all of the slots, either synchronously or asynchronously.


Cross-Game Scavenging

Scavenge the multiverse for items and unlockables.

A pedestal in Noita holding an item meant for a different game.
Shop items in a Holy Mountain replaced with items from other universes.
A shop in Hollow Knight is offering an Extra Max HP for the Noita player.
The Starcraft player receives unlockables from the Noita universe.
The Noita player sends blessings to the Valley.

Sync vs Async

There are two major ways to play.

The first is a synchronized experience, everyone plays their game all at the same time. This promotes communication as players ask whether an item in a shop is worth paying for. Traps and Deathlink will be very punishing and lead to reactions from players.

The second is an asynchronous experience, everyone plays their game at their own pace and not at the same time. This allows for a single person to switch between multiple games, or for many people to connect many games over a very long period of time. For example, a bunch of people all in different time zones can play several games to unlock what they can, then pass the torch overnight to other people playing different games in a back-and-forth that lasts several days.

Slot Co-Op

It is possible for more than one person to join in the same slot, also known as Slot Co-op. This means that you will be playing different seeds but share the same progress and Archipelago items. Retrieving an archipelago item will remove it from your co-op partner's world and give it to them immediately, such as Explosion Immunity for example. Both slots will start new games with all the previously unlocked items at the entrance.


This is an optional setting that is off by default. For those who have it enabled: if anyone dies, everyone dies. For those who have it disabled, nothing happens.

The player in Hollow Knight dies from material: acid.
Who knew Stardew Valley could be this deadly?


This is an optional setting that is enabled by default. Some bad Twitch Integration events are used as traps. Traps in Noita will have obvious names, unusual descriptions, and altered visuals to help tell them apart.

Incompatible Mods

  • Noita Arena
  • Noita - Pinball Mode
  • Ride & Drive Mode

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