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Mod page description

Do you like spells? Would you like 31 new spells? Do you like spells with interesting, complex uses, and/or spells with risk attached? Do you like spells that are slightly silly, but useful all the same?

Oaken's Spells adds 31 new spells, including new Greek spells, dangerous spells, and unique spells! These spells include three new Greek spells, two new extra-dangerous Disc Projectile series variants, two spells related to Hamis fabrication, and a method to store more spells in your inventory using cardboard boxes.

I've tried to give careful thought to balance and complexity. Most spells have an interesting quirk to them, whether that's danger or difficulty of use. Some spells in this mod require other spells to be used effectively one way or another, and many have interesting uses and synergies to benefit the clever Noita.

Let me know if there's any issues! Also some of the spell cards will look a bit odd. I'll work on fixing them eventually but I'm no spriter; if you make sprites and would like to make some for this mod, do get in touch.

It's recommended to go into this largely blind, but if you'd like to know exactly what you'll be getting into, here's a full spell list:

Poly Power - Powerful projectile plus polymorphine.

Trickshot (& w/ Trigger) - Fires backwards.

Spark Bolt with Octuple Trigger - Does what it says on the tin pretty much.

Larpa Bolt - Copies itself every so often.

Touch of Hamis - Turns everything in a short radius into Hamis, including walls and creatures.

Polymorphine-Soaked Normal/Giga/Omega Sawblade - Sawblade spells, but polymorphs on hit.

Plasma Normal/Giga/Omega Sawblade - Sawblade spells, but with a plasma trail, piercing, and terrain destruction. Omega Sawblade is a bit more violent with its plasma trail than the others.

Summon Cardboard Box - Allows you to store some spells. Can be picked up as an item.

Functioning Teleport Bolt - Teleports you randomly in an area around where it lands.

Plasma Teleport Bolt - Teleport bolt, but with a plasma trail.

Projectile Sawblade Field - Converts nearby projectiles into special Omega Sawblades that home in on the field center.

Projectile Hamis Field - Converts nearby projectiles into Hamis.

Projectile Plasma Field - Converts nearby projectiles into random plasma spells.

Healing Shot - Adds healing damage to the cast.

Bladed Spells - Adds slice damage.

Teleportatium Coating - Makes spells teleport hit enemies.

Mana Loan - Adds 50 mana immediately, but also greatly reduced mana regen for a few seconds.

Weakening Curse: Healing - Makes hit creatures take huge damage from healing spells.

Blessing of Vitality: Overeating/Physics - Makes hit creatures heal from overeating and physics damage respectively.

Summon Random Liquid - Summons a random liquid out of a pool of 8, includes healing and highly dangerous ones.

Summon Two Random Liquids - See above but two at once.

Lambda - Copies the previous spell.

Theta - Copies every spell from previous casts. (For the advanced, this means every spell in the Discard.)

Psi - Copies every Other-type spell.

Polarity Swap - Swaps the previously-cast spells and not-yet-cast spells. (For the advanced, this means swapping the Deck and Discard.)


Many spell card sprites made by Spekträlism, from the Noita Discord. They're by far the best out of the lot. Full list: Poly Power, Trickshot, Healing Shot, Teleportatium Coating, Mana Loan, Weakening Curse: Healing I think?, Blessing of Vitality: Strength, Blessing of Vitality: Physics, Summon Random Liquid, Summon Two Random Liquids, and Lambda. If I missed any, let me know.

Font in the thumbnail is "Noita Blackletter", made by Viowlet: This uses the PolyTools library by uh.. I don't know actually. If you do know, or if you made it yourself, please get in touch so I can add the proper person here. Many thanks to the wonderful people over at the Noita Discord for telling me how to do things when I got stuck and complimenting my ideas, and many thanks to all the wonderful modders whose mods I tore apart and reverse-engineered to make this one.


Projectile Spells

Poly Power
Summons a powerful projectile... and some polymorphine!
Polymorphine-Soaked Sawblade
This is a good idea!
Polymorphine-Soaked Giga Sawblade
An even better idea!
Fires a powerful spell, backwards!
Trickshot With Trigger
Fires a powerful spell backwards, which releases another spell upon collision
Plasma Giga Sawblade
Whose idea was this?!
Plasma Omega Sawblade
A spell cast only by the sanest of wizards
Cardboard Box
Summons a cardboard box to store spells in!
Functioning Teleport Bolt
A perfectly functioning magical bolt that moves you where it ends up flying with zero defects
Plasma Teleport Bolt
A magical bolt with a trail of plasma that moves you where it ends up flying

Projectile Modifiers

Projectile Plasma Field
Projectiles caught within the field turn into deadly plasma beams
Healing Shot
Adds some healing to the spell
Bladed Spells
Adds some slicing to the spell, but makes it harmful to the caster
Teleportatium Coating
Teleports hit enemies
Mana Loan
Adds some mana, at the cost of reducing your mana regen
Blessing of Vitality: Overeating
Makes hit enemies heal from overeating, but not explosions
Blessing of Vitality: Impact
Makes hit enemies heal physics damage

Material Spells

Touch of Hämis
Transmutes everything in a shprt radius into hämis, including monsters, walls... and you
Summon Two Random Liquids
Summons two random liquids, there's no way this can go wrong