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Minä (listen Audio.svg) or the "Knower to be"[4][5] is you, the playable character in Noita. You are an alchemist and practitioner of magic.


At the start of Noita, you possess two unique starting wands and a potion.

  • The first wand will contain 1-3 small damaging projectile spells. Possible selections include Spark Bolt, Energy Sphere, Bouncing Burst and Spitter Bolt.
  • The second wand contains an explosive spell. Possible choices here are TNT, Bomb, Magic Missile, Unstable Crystal and Firebolt. On the first run, the wand will always contain a Bomb spell. On subsequent runs it has a 6/10 chance of containing a Bomb spell, and a 1/10 chance for TNT, Magic Missile, Unstable Crystal and Firebolt.
  • The potion will be filled with a random liquid or powder from the starter pool.
  • The stats of both wands will also be slightly randomized, but never to the point where the spells they contain cannot be cast. The first wand can have 2 or 3 slots, and the second wand will always have 1 slot with a fairly low mana charge speed.


Minä is usually cloaked in a purple garment down to their feet, a hood hiding any facial features. They wear a gold sash around their lower torso and a cape around their neck. Only certain perk combinations or late-game achievements (detailed below) will change this appearance, outside of Modding.

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There are 3 additions that can be permanently unlocked by completing difficult achievements.

A crown can be obtained by completing the Auringonsiemen->Uusi Aurinko questline. See Sun Quest Guide for details.

An amulet is bestowed for completing the peaceful ending.

The amulet will get a red gemstone after completing a true 34-36 orb boss kill, done by finding any of the Orb of True Knowledge#Secret orbs).

Material contact damage

Minä is susceptible to damage from a variety of materials - as you might expect immersing yourself in acid or lava hurts. Damage from a material is calculated based on the contact area between Minä and the substance (the maximum being 96 pixels from full submersion), and is applied for every game tick (typically 60 times per second) you are in contact with the substance.

For example, being completely submerged in Materialpotion acid.png Acid inflicts 720 damage per second, roughly twice as much as Materialpotion lava.png Lava, which inflicts 432 damage per second. Materialpotion poison.png Poison inflicts 144 damage per second (in addition to the damage from its Status Effects). See table below for the full listing.

Some of these harmful materials can also apply Status Effects by staining you - damage taken from those effects is in addition to the direct contact damage. Material contact damage ceases immediately when you are no longer touching it, but stains persist. Stains can be washed off by another liquid - Materialpotion water.png Water is ideal for this purpose.

List of Materials that can hurt you
Player material damage
per pixel material material in-game DPS when submerged (96 pixels)
0.125 acid acid 720
0.075 lava lava 432
0.015 blood_cold_vapour freezing vapour 86.4
0.0225 blood_cold freezing liquid 129.6
0.025 poison poison 144
0.025 radioactive_gas toxic gas 144
0.025 radioactive_gas_static toxic gas 144
0.025 rock_static_radioactive toxic rock 144
0.025 rock_static_poison poison rock 144
0.025 ice_radioactive_static toxic ice 144
0.025 ice_radioactive_glass toxic ice 144
0.025 ice_acid_static frozen acid 144
0.025 ice_acid_glass frozen acid 144
0.125 rock_static_cursed cursed rock 720
-0.125 magic_gas_hp_regeneration healium -720
0.005 gold_radioactive toxic gold 28.8
0.005 gold_static_radioactive toxic gold 28.8
0.1 rock_static_cursed_green greed-cursed rock 576
0.0125 cursed_liquid greed-cursed liquid 72
0.00025 poo_gas nauseating gas 1.44


Traveling incredibly quickly causes you to light on fire. Impacting terrain in this state causes an explosion. The camera's behavior will also adjust to keep Minä on screen more reliably. A loud train-like noise will play in this state.


  • "Minä" is Finnish for "I" or "me".
  • "Noita" is a Finnish word with no direct English equivalent, vaguely meaning "magic user", with the closest translation being "witch".
  • A common way for the term "Minä" to be seen outside of the Progress page is when you die to your projectiles. The statistics tab then reads: "cause of death: 'Minä's slice'" or "Minä's projectile".
  • Prior to version 1.0 the two starter wands were always the same when selecting "new game" in the main menu and randomized on the "daily run". The static (guaranteed) loadout was 2 Spark Bolts and 1 Bomb.
    • Because of this, the second of the two starter wands is commonly called the "bomb wand" in the noita community.
    • However, since exiting early access, loadouts are now always randomized regardless of the two game modes.
  • The game script for the non-bomb starting wand has a comment reading "Note(Petri): Removed DYNAMITE", implying the wand was planned to hold dynamite at some point.



  1. Gas Blood: Changes blood to Flammable Gas
  2. Slime Blood: Changes blood to Slime
  3. Oil Blood: Changes blood to Oil
  4. Glyph no. 4: "This is very clever of you. Very clever. We're impressed with you, Knower to be."
  5. Glyph no. 6: "We know what you are after. But it is not here, Knower to be."