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Could be a useful guide. Some notes so far:

I'm fairly certain that modifiers only affect the spell directly to the right of them in the queue, and not all of the spells that follow it. In the current example, the speed up would only affect the bouncing burst, the damage plus would only affect the spark bolt, etc. When multiple modifiers are placed next to each other, they will stack and affect the next non-modifier spell.

Multi-cast spells are an exception, if you place a modifier in front of a multi-cast it will affect all the spells cast by it.

Triggers/timers might follow a similar rule, though I forget exactly how that works.

Here's how I would rewrite the example:

Spell slow bullet.png Spell speed.png Spell rubber ball.png Spell damage.png Spell fire trail.png Spell light bullet.png

In this example (for a non-shuffle wand):

  1. The wand would first cast an Energy Orb without any effects.
  2. Then it would fire a Bouncing Burst affected by the Speed Up modifier.
  3. Finally, it would cast a Spark Bolt with both Damage Plus and Fire Trail applied.

There's a lot of nuance to modifiers, same for timer/trigger spells. Perhaps the finer details might be best left on their respective pages, but it would be cool to have examples of the different ways everything interacts with each other. I'll try to add some interesting ones to this talk page as proposals for integrating into the guide. - FuNx24x7 (talk) 17:45, 17 December 2019 (UTC)

I didn't have time to check last night and i'll try and run a few experiments today (im doing all this wiki editing stuff at work, so cant test until the evening), but i think you're probably right. You never really make wands in this manner (different spells sequentially cast) because why would you want that kind of unreliability, but it's still necessary (i feel) to demostrate concepts. If you confirm first, feel free to change it. False info helps noone.

I'll be working on the multicast section next, and for the non-shuffle the basic function is fairly straightforward. For the shuffle, though, all hell breaks loose so definitely will need to experiment with that to figure out what is actually going on. That's not even mentioning how crazy it gets once you mix both modifiers and multicasts in a shuffle, but ill leave that bit for the advanced section.

I THINK that placing modifiers inside of a multicast (and not to the left of it) will affect all the projectiles inside it just the same way as placing them to the left, because ive seen some funky behaviour on simosimo streams i dont quite understand, but since i always design my wands "properly" ive never really learned the exact mechanics. I'll try to see what i can find about this as well. Lancar223 (talk) 08:11, 18 December 2019 (UTC)

Mana Usage

While the guide does a good job at explaining how spell order works, there are some even more basic mechanics that remain unexplained. Specifically, mana cost, recharging, and spell uses are mechanics which may be confusing to new players. Ganondox (talk) 17:46, 21 August 2021 (UTC)