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This is a list of known "special" tags, which have in-engine custom functionality attached to them. Usually most tags are simply for entity/component categorization.

For the basics of tag system, see here.

Entity tags

Tag Description
boss_centipede Plays music/boss_arena/battle when the entity is nearby.
firemage Affects the behaviour of AnimalAIComponent. Makes Brimstone neutral in player's hands.
fish_attractor Attracts any entities with AdvancedFishAIComponent.
gold_nugget Entity is attracted by TelekinesisComponent. Also attracted by the Attract Items perk (on Lua side, data/scripts/perks/attract_items.lua).
miniboss Plays music/miniboss/00 when the entity is nearby.
necromancer_shop Plays music/temple/necromancer_shop when the entity is nearby.
player_unit IsPlayer() returns true for this Entity. Gets more stains than other entities. "...and much more". You can assume this to have a lot of random stuff tied to it.
polymorphable_NOT Makes the entity not polymorphable.
teleportable_NOT Supposedly makes the entity not teleportable, but apparently the in-engine code is too messy to know right away.
thundermage Affects the behaviour of AnimalAIComponent. Makes Thunder stone neutral in player's hands.
ui_use_raw_name Prevents the game from trying to look up a translation string for the entity name and shows the name as is.
wand Forces the Entity's name to "$item_wand" (a translation string).
workshop If an entity with this tag also has a HitboxComponent, allows wand editing in the area defined in said component.
workshop_aabb Plays music/temple/enter when the entity is nearby.
workshop_untouched When used together with the workshop tag, will force open the players inventory if no wands have been edited and the player walks into the hitbox.

The following are additional entity tags referenced in-engine:

  • drone
  • enemy
  • prey
  • effectable_prop
  • hiteffect_enabled
  • HAX_polymorph_death
  • prop
  • polymorphed
  • touchmagic_immunity
  • hittable
  • player_ragdoll
  • player_projectile
  • music_energy_100_near
  • music_energy_100
  • music_energy_050_near
  • music_energy_050
  • music_energy_000_near
  • music_energy_000
  • ending_sampo_spot_underground
  • ending_sampo_spot_mountain
  • coop_respawn
  • mortal

Component _tags

  • enabled_in_hand, enabled_in_world, enabled_in_inventory
    • These toggle the enabled / disabled status of the Component. Requires an ItemComponent somewhere in the Entity to work.
    • Super handy for eg. defining different sprites as Wand's inventory icon, world model, etc.
  • shop_cost
    • Components with this tag are removed from the entity, when the entity is picked up
  • fire
    • Used by TorchComponent, will toggle all components with this tag enabled/disabled depending on the lit status.

The following are additional component tags referenced in-engine:

  • item_identified
  • item_unidentified
  • item_unlocked
  • item_locked
  • not_enabled_in_wand
  • tablet
  • charge_indicator
  • turret_rotate_sound - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_jetpack - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_underwater - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_suffocating - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_damage_curse - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_pick_gold_sand - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_spray - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_air_whoosh - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_telekinesis_move - AudioLoopComponent
  • sound_telekinesis_hold - AudioLoopComponent
  • jetpack
  • ingestion
  • digger
  • no_hitbox
  • shield_ring
  • shield_hit
  • shoot_pos - HotspotComponent
  • crouch_sensor - HotspotComponent
  • hand - HotspotComponent
  • kick_pos - HotspotComponent
  • spray_pos - HotspotComponent
  • item_bg
  • fart
  • smoke
  • aiming_reticle
  • character
  • laser_sight
  • gun
  • health_bar
  • item