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For the normal list, see Materials.
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This is a list of current Material IDs in the game. They are mostly used for modding. Sort by alphabetical order or use CTRL-F to quickly find what you're looking for.


Name ID
Electric Spark spark_electric
Fire fire
Fire fire_blue
Fire flame
Spark spark
Spark spark_blue
Spark spark_blue_dark
Spark spark_green
Spark spark_green_bright
Spark spark_player
Spark spark_purple
Spark spark_purple_bright
Spark spark_red
Spark spark_red_bright
Spark spark_teal
Spark spark_white
Spark spark_white_bright
Spark spark_yellow


Name ID
Acceleratium magic_liquid_movement_faster
Acid acid
Alchemic Precursor midas_precursor
Molten Aluminium aluminium_molten
Molten Aluminium aluminium_oxide_molten
Molten Aluminium aluminium_robot_molten
Ambrosia magic_liquid_protection_all
Berserkium magic_liquid_berserk
Blood blood
Blood blood_fading
Blood blood_fading_slow
Molten Brass brass_molten
Brine water_salt
Cement cement
Chaotic Polymorphine magic_liquid_random_polymorph
Concentrated Mana magic_liquid_mana_regeneration
Molten Copper copper_molten
Creepy Liquid creepy_liquid
Draught Of Midas midas
Flummoxium material_confusion
Freezing Liquid blood_cold
Fungus Blood blood_fungi
Gate-Opener magic_liquid
Molten Glass glass_broken_molten
Molten Glass glass_molten
Molten Gold gold_molten
Greed-Cursed Liquid cursed_liquid
Hastium magic_liquid_faster_levitation_and_movement
Healthium magic_liquid_hp_regeneration
Hearty Porridge porridge
Hell Slime endslime
Invisiblium magic_liquid_invisibility
Juhannussima juhannussima
Lava lava
Levitatium magic_liquid_faster_levitation
Fire liquid_fire
Liquid Fire liquid_fire_weak
Lively Concoction magic_liquid_hp_regeneration_unstable
Magical Liquid plasma_fading
Magical Liquid plasma_fading_bright
Magical Liquid plasma_fading_green
Magical Liquid plasma_fading_pink
Molten Metal metal_molten
Molten Metal metal_nohit_molten
Molten Metal metal_prop_molten
Molten Metal metal_sand_molten
Blood Mist cloud_blood
Slime Mist cloud_slime
Toxic Mist cloud_radioactive
Molten Steel steelmoss_slanted_molten
Oil oil
Ominous Liquid material_darkness
Pea Soup pea_soup
Peat peat
Pheromone magic_liquid_charm
Molten Plastic plastic_molten
Molten Plastic plastic_prop_molten
Molten Plastic plastic_red_molten
Poison poison
Polymorphine magic_liquid_polymorph
Rainbow material_rainbow
Molten Metal metal_rust_molten
Molten Steel steel_rust_molten
Molten Steel steelmoss_static_molten
Molten Silver silver_molten
Sima sima
Slime slime
Slime slime_green
Slime slime_yellow
Slush slush
Smoke rocket_particles
Molten Steel steelsmoke_static_molten
Molten Metal steel_molten
Molten Steel steel_static_molten
Swamp swamp
Swamp water_swamp
Teleportatium magic_liquid_teleportation
Toxic Sludge radioactive_liquid
Toxic Sludge radioactive_liquid_fading
Toxic Sludge radioactive_liquid_yellow
Unstable Polymorphine magic_liquid_unstable_polymorph
Unstable Teleportatium magic_liquid_unstable_teleportation
Urine urine
Void Liquid void_liquid
Vomit vomit
Chilly Water water_ice
Water water
Water water_fading
Water water_temp
Molten Wax wax_molten
Whiskey alcohol
Worm Blood blood_worm
Worm Pheromone magic_liquid_worm_attractor


Name ID
Cloud cloud
Cloud cloud_lighter
Nauseating Gas poo_gas
Flammable Gas acid_gas
Flammable Gas acid_gas_static
Freezing Vapour blood_cold_vapour
Fungal Gas fungal_gas
Funky Vapour sand_herb_vapour
Healium magic_gas_hp_regeneration
Poison Gas poison_gas
Unicorn Farts rainbow_gas
Smoke smoke
Smoke smoke_explosion
Smoke smoke_magic
Smoke smoke_static
Steam steam
Steam steam_trailer
Toxic Gas radioactive_gas
Toxic Gas radioactive_gas_static
Whiskey Fumes alcohol_gas


Name ID
Barren Soil soil_dark
Barren Soil soil_dead
Bone Dust bone
Brass brass
Burning Powder burning_powder
Coal coal
Concrete concrete_sand
Copper copper
Diamond diamond
Dirt explosion_dirt
Excrement poo
Fungal Soil fungisoil
Fungal Soil fungus_powder
Fungal Soil fungus_powder_bad
Fungal Spore mushroom
Fungal Spore mushroom_giant_blue
Fungal Spore mushroom_giant_red
Fungal Spore mushroom_seed
Glowing Fungal Spore glowshroom
Fungus fungi_creeping_secret
Fungus fungi_green
Mystery Fungus fungi_creeping
Weird Fungus fungi
Glass glass_broken
Glue glue
Gold gold
Grass grass
Grass grass_dark
Grass grass_dry
Ice grass_ice
Guiding Powder orb_powder
Gunpowder gunpowder
Gunpowder gunpowder_explosive
Gunpowder gunpowder_tnt
Gunpowder gunpowder_unstable
Gunpowder gunpowder_unstable_big
Hell Slime endslime_blood
Herb sand_herb
Honey honey
Ice ice
Toxic Meat rotten_meat_radioactive
Metal Dust metal_sand
Monstrous Powder monster_powder_test
Moss moss
Rusty Moss moss_rust
Mud mud
Evergreen Seed bush_seed
Plant Material plant_material
Plant Seed plant_seed
Plastic plastic_red
Purifying Powder purifying_powder
Ratty Powder rat_powder
Rotten Meat rotten_meat
Salt salt
Blue Sand sand_blue
Sand sand
Sand sand_petrify
Sand sand_surface
Volcanic Sand lavasand
Sandstone sandstone
Sandstone sandstone_surface
Seed ceiling_plant_material
Seed plant_material_red
Seed spore
Fungal Soil shock_powder
Silver silver
Slimy Meat gunpowder_unstable_boss_limbs
Slimy Meat meat_slime_sand
Snow snow
Snow snow_sticky
Sodium sodium
Wet Sodium sodium_unstable
Soil soil
Soil soil_lush
Soil soil_lush_dark
Steel steel_sand
Sulphur sulphur
Toxic Gold gold_radioactive
Wax wax


Name ID
Frozen Acid ice_acid_glass
Frozen Acid ice_acid_static
Aluminium aluminium
Aluminium aluminium_oxide
Aluminium aluminium_robot
Ambiguous Meat meat_confusion
Blood blood_thick
Frozen Blood ice_blood_glass
Frozen Blood ice_blood_static
Blue Fungus bluefungi_static
Blue Fungus spore_pod_stalk
Bomb fuse
Bomb fuse_bright
Bone bone_box2d
Bone Wall bone_static
Brick Wall brick
Brick Wall creepy_liquid_emitter
Brickwork templebrick_box2d
Brickwork templebrick_box2d_edgetiles
Brickwork templebrick_noedge_static
Brickwork templebrick_red
Brickwork templebrick_static
Brickwork templebrick_static_broken
Brickwork templebrick_static_soft
Brickwork templebrick_thick_static
Brickwork templebrick_thick_static_noedge
Brickwork templebrickdark_static
Brickwork templerock_soft
Brickwork templerock_static
Brickwork templeslab_crumbling_static
Brickwork templeslab_static
Cactus cactus
Concrete concrete_static
Cheese cheese_static
$mat_cloth cloth_box2d
Coal Vein coal_static
Cocoon cocoon_box2d
Collapsed Concrete concrete_collapsed
Corrupted Rock corruption_static
Crystal crystal
Crystal crystal_magic
Crystal crystal_solid
Magical Crystal magic_crystal
Magical Crystal magic_crystal_green
Cursed Meat meat_cursed
Cursed Meat meat_cursed_dry
Slimy Cursed Meat meat_slime_cursed
Cursed Rock rock_static_cursed
Greed-Cursed Rock rock_static_cursed_green
Damp Rock rock_static_wet
Damp Wood wood_static_wet
Dense Rock rock_box2d_nohit_hard
Dense Rock rock_hard
Extremely Dense Rock rock_hard_border
Dense Steel steel_grey_static
Dense Steel steel_static_strong
Diamond Brickwork templebrick_diamond_static
Eroding Rock rock_eroding
Ethereal Meat meat_teleport
Rock poop_box2d_hard
Fool's Gold templebrick_golden_static
Ice ice_cold_glass
Ice ice_cold_static
Frog Meat meat_frog
Weird Meat meat_trippy
Frozen Rock snowrock_static
Frozen Steel steelfrost_static
Fungal Matter grass_loose
Fungal Soil rock_static_fungal
Fungus fungus_loose
Fungus fungus_loose_green
Weird Fungus fungus_loose_trippy
Gem gem_box2d
Gem gem_box2d_darksun
Gem gem_box2d_green
Gem gem_box2d_orange
Gem gem_box2d_pink
Gem gem_box2d_red
Gem gem_box2d_red_float
Gem gem_box2d_yellow_sun
Gem gem_box2d_yellow_sun_gravity
Mat_Gem_Box2D_White gem_box2d_white
Brittle Glass glass_brittle
Glass glass
Glass glass_box2d
Glass glass_static
Glass potion_glass_box2d
Tempered Glass glass_liquidcave
Glowing Matter rock_static_glow
Glowing Stone glowstone
Glowing Stone glowstone_altar
Glowing Stone glowstone_altar_hdr
Glowing Stone glowstone_potion
Gold gold_b2
Gold gold_box2d
Ruby bloodgold_box2d
Gold Vein gold_static
Vibrant Gold Vein gold_static_dark
Grey Rock rock_static_grey
Granite Ground sand_static_bright
Ground sand_static
Rusty Ground sand_static_red
Hardened Steel steel_static_unmeltable
Hell Rock skullrock
Hell Rock the_end
Hell Slime endslime_static
Holy Matter fuse_holy
Ice ice_b2
Ice ice_ceiling
Ice ice_glass
Ice ice_glass_b2
Ice ice_melting_perf_killer
Ice ice_static
Item item_box2d
Item item_box2d_glass
Lush Ground sand_static_rainforest
Lush Ground sand_static_rainforest_dark
Magic Gate rock_magic_gate
Magic Wall rock_magic_bottom
Burned Meat meat_burned
Cooked Meat meat_hot
Fruit Flesh meat_fruit
Fruit Flesh meat_pumpkin
Fully-Cooked Meat meat_done
Lightly-Cooked Meat meat_warm
Meat item_box2d_meat
Meat meat
Unstable Meat meat_polymorph
Meat Of An Innocent Creature meat_helpless
Metal metal
Metal metal_chain_nohit
Metal metal_hard
Metal metal_nohit
Metal metal_prop
Metal metal_prop_loose
Metal metal_prop_low_restitution
Metal metal_wire_nohit
Metal Pipe steelpipe_static
Green Meteorite meteorite_green
Ice ice_meteor_static
Meteorite meteorite
Meteorite meteorite_crackable
Meteorite meteorite_static
Meteorite meteorite_test
Mossy Brickwork templebrick_moss_static
Mossy Steel steelmoss_slanted
Neon Tube neon_tube_blood_red
Neon Tube neon_tube_cyan
Neon Tube neon_tube_purple
Neon Tube tube_physics
Neon Tube tubematerial
Nest nest_box2d
Nest nest_firebug_box2d
Nest nest_static
Odd Brickwork wizardstone
Plastic plastic
Plastic plastic_prop
Frozen Poison ice_poison_glass
Frozen Poison ice_poison_static
Poisonous Rock rock_static_poison
Pressurized Wood wood_static_gas
Purple Crystal crystal_purple
Rock rock_box2d
Rock rock_box2d_hard
Rock rock_box2d_nohit
Rock rock_loose
Rock rock_static
Rock rock_static_box2d
Rock rock_static_intro
Rock rock_static_intro_breakable
Rock rock_static_noedge
Rock rock_static_purple
Rock rock_static_trip_secret
Rock rock_static_trip_secret2
Rock waterrock
Ruined Brick Wall templebrick_static_ruined
Rusted Metal metal_rust
Rusted Metal metal_rust_barrel
Rusted Metal metal_rust_barrel_rust
Rusted Metal metal_rust_rust
Rusted Metal rust_static
Rusted Steel steel_rust
Rusted Steel steel_rusted_no_holes
Rusted Steel steelmoss_static
Frozen Slime ice_slime_glass
Frozen Slime ice_slime_static
Slime slime_static
Green Slimy Meat meat_slime_green
Slimy Meat meat_slime
Slimy Meat meat_slime_orange
Smoking Steel steelsmoke_static
Packed Snow snow_static
Snow snow_b2
Steel steel
Steel steel_static
Stinky Meat meat_polymorph_protection
Sulphur sulphur_box2d
Text trailer_text
Tnt fuse_tnt
Tnt tnt
Tnt tnt_static
Tough Wood wood_prop_durable
Toxic Gold gold_static_radioactive
Toxic Rock rock_static_radioactive
Toxic Ice ice_radioactive_glass
Toxic Ice ice_radioactive_static
Turquoise Gemstone gem_box2d_opal
Turquoise Gemstone gem_box2d_turquoise
Vault Rock rock_vault
Vine root
Vine root_growth
Vine vine
Volcanic Rock lavarock_static
Water water_static
Wax wax_b2
Who Knows physics_throw_material_part2
Wobbly Meat meat_fast
Wood wood
Wood wood_burns_forever
Wood wood_loose
Wood wood_player
Wood wood_player_b2
Wood wood_player_b2_vertical
Wood wood_prop
Wood wood_prop_noplayerhit
Wood wood_static
Wood wood_static_vertical
Wood wood_trailer
Wood wood_tree
Wood wood_wall
Worm Meat meat_worm