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Wand kantele.png
Inventory Icon gun shuffle.png Shuffle
Inventory Icon gun actions per round.png Spells/Cast
Inventory Icon fire rate wait.png Cast delay
0.03 s
Inventory Icon gun reload time.png Rechrg. Time
0.02 s
Inventory Icon mana max.png Mana max
Inventory Icon mana charge speed.png Mana chg. Spd
Inventory Icon gun capacity.png Capacity
Inventory Icon spread degrees.png Spread
0.0 DEG
Inventory Icon speed multiplier.png Speed

The Kantele (listen Audio.svg) is a unique wand found alongside its note spells inside the Giant Tree.


The Kantele can be used to play the note spells in specific combinations to cast a spell. However, the Kantele itself is not required for playing the melodies; any wand will suffice. Each melody can only be used once, and playing the same pattern after that will have no effect. For a list of known melodies, see the Musical Curiosity section of the Note spells page.

The wand's high capacity, rapid recharge, and low cast delay, also make it an excellent all-purpose wand when combined with one or more Add Mana modifiers.


  • A kantele is a traditional Finnish string instrument.

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