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To Power Spells
Essence to Power
Spells To Power
Gold To Power
Blood To Power
A group of spells that modify damage output by absorbing other things.

Essence to Power is a modifier spell that increases spell damage based on multiple factors related to nearby creatures.

  • For each valid enemy (able to be marked by Essence to Power and in range), add either (0.25 x Enemy Health) OR a flat 12.5 to a variable
  • Projectile and explosive damage is then increased by 0.25x the aforementioned total value, capped at 3000.
  • Explosion radius is additionally increased by the logarithm of 0.22 times the aforementioned variable.


  • If the creature has no max HP, or there is an error getting its max HP, then the max HP is treated as 2.5.
  • There is a short cooldown on enemies marked by Essence to Power.
  • Even if multiple copies of Essence To Power are used, the effect cannot exceed one. Also, simultaneous chanting cannot affect more than one projectile.
  • This may give misleading results when tested on Holy Mountain statues, as statues have 30000 HP, resulting in an additional 1875 damage.
    • This behavior can also be exploited by carrying around a statue with Telekinetic Kick to buff Essence to Power.
  • With a piercing projectile, Essence to Power will be able to kill any enemy with less than 48000 HP in 16 frames given that they do not have projectile resistance.
  • Very effective in Nightmare, where enemies have more health, in combination with spells such as Note, Mist or Circle.