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Old Man Winter
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Frozen Vault, Wizards' Den, Snow Chasm, Snowy Wasteland

Old Man Winter (in-game name Pakkasukko) is an ice elemental, somewhat like the Ukko. It is found naturally in cold underground areas, such as the Snow Chasm. It launches a swift Iceball as a form of attack, which leaves behind damaging Freezing Liquid, and solidifies liquids in an aura around itself.

Behaviour and Combat

This foe can freeze you solid if you are hit directly, making you unable to move or use wands for a short period. This will often prove dangerous, even more so if there are other enemies around to pile on additional damage.

Because its attack also leaves behind a sizeable amount of Freezing Liquid, being hit directly can quickly drain a fair amount of health, as you can be rendered frozen and may take a lot of additional damage from the freezing liquid and/or vapour that the attack generates before you are able to move again. It is however a fairly slow projectile, similar to the Stendari's Fireball attack, and it can be easily dodged. However, lengthy fights will tend to result in large amounts of freezing vapour filling the area; prolonging the combat is generally unwise.


  • Pakkasukko could also be translated as "Father Frost", which refers to a character from a fairy tale, the being that brings Winter each year.


Fighting a Pakkasukko in the Snow Chasm